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"The Mother conjures a theatrical universe where characters ripple like pools of water, metamorphosing into the peculiar ether of their freewheeling story... In O'Harra's capable hands, the grotesquely resonant revelations breathe like three-dimensional neo-cubist paintings."
-The Village Voice

by S.I. Witkiewicz

Performed at La MaMa

March 27 - April 13, 2003

Performed By
Zakia Babb
Jim Fletcher
Wilson Hall
Suli Holum
Barbara Lanciers
Nicky Paraiso
Tina Shepard

Music Performed By
The Scenery Ensemble
Eli Asher
Sam Hillmer
Beth Meyers
Matthew Hough (electric guitar)
Gina Valvano
Brendan Connelly

Brooke O'Harra

Brendan Connelly

Peter Ksander
Emily Rebholz
Justin Townsend

Puppets and Video
Bilal Khan
Daniel Levine

Inna Giter

Lighting Designer
Michael Phillips

Costume Designer
Audrey Robinson