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What is a Two-Headed Calf?

The Theatre of a Two-headed Calf was born in 1999 in New Orleans. Since then, co-founders Brooke O'Harra and Brendan Connelly have created work at La MaMa, E.T.C., PS 122, The Perishable Theater, The Ontological-Hysteric Theater and the HERE Arts Center, among other great venues. They received an Obie Award in 2008, as did company member Heidi Schreck for her performance in Drum of the Waves of Horikawa.

The Two-headed Calf's work is about layering, a careful consideration of all the formal elements of Theater, from lights and set, to words, music and movement. Their work comes out of long rehearsal periods, conceived from the outset as intense collaborations between director, actor, designer, choreographer and composer. The result in a dense, playful conversation that tries to engage the audience viscerally and mentally.

The Two-headed Calf is proud to have a ongoing collaboration with the new music ensemble Yarn/Wire.

In 2008, the Two-headed Calf added a department: The Dyke Division of the Two-headed Calf, which runs the ongoing lesbian soap opera, Room for Cream.

Both Brooke and Brendan have been participants in the TCG/NEA Career Development Program.

Two-headed Calf collaborators have included: Babara Lanciers, Bob Jaffe, Brendan Connelly, Brooke O' Harra, Christopher Kuhl, David Brooks, Derrick Karg, Emily Rebholz, Heidi Schreck, Ian Antonio, Johnny Klein,Julia Klein, Justin Townsend, Laryssa Husiak, Lula Graves, Mike Mikos, Nadi Amahdi, Peter Ksander, Rosemary Quinn, Russell Greenberg, Slaney Ross, Tara Webb, Tati Anapavela, Tina Shepard, Tom lipinski, Tony Gedrich.

The Two-headed Calf has been generously supported and funded over the years by NYSCA, NYFA, Meet The Composer (now New Music USA), The Puffin Foundation, The Foundation for Contemporary Art, NEA/TCG, the HERE Arts Residency, the University of Rochester International Theater Program, New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, Mount Holyoke College and great individuals such as Bruce Allardice, Elaine Angelopoulos, Ian Antonio, Donna Barkman, Geoff Bartakovics, Sarah Benson, Brian Blanchfield, Katherine Brook, Vince Bruns, Matthew Buckingham, Christina Campanella, Jessica Catlow, Adele Chatfield-Taylor, Ping Chong, Hyeyoung Chyun, Donna Connelly, James Connelly, Corina Copp, Tucker Culbertson, Gene D'amour, Kristbjorg Fisher, Russell Greenberg, Jason Grote, Michael Hayes Sharon Hayes, Frank Hentschker, Alice Hissey, Carole & John Husiak, Alanna Iacono, Bob And Jill Jaffe, Bilal Khan, Christiana Killian, Julia Klein, Arthur And Susan Lanciers, Susan Lanciers, Eliza Laytner, Mark Lerman, Margaret Maccary, Nigel Maister, Daniel Manley, Paul Massey, Bernadine Mellis, Shawn Miller, Shawn Miller, Sean Neil, New York State Council On The Arts, Josh O'harra, R Sean O'harra, Antje Oegel, Michael Phillips, Sunita Prasad, Michael Raschick, Julie Ridgeway, Paul Ridgeway, Paul Ridgeway, Natalia Romana, Natalia Romana, Nancy Romita, Kate Ryan Matt Schapiro, Matt Schapiro, Helayne Schiff, Maria Striar, Stroock, Carrie Thompson, Jonathan Vandyke, Martha Wilson, Bruce Allardice, Ralph Cutcher, Marina Galstyan, Trish Harnetiaux, Emily Krell, George Levasser